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Our private consultation space is designed to well up feelings of support and comfort as your practitioner guides you towards your wellness goals. We provide many supporting modalities to enhance your wellness. RISE also offers group sessions and corporate wellness.


Open your door to Wellness



Jemima Toby holds a Bachelor degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine. Her practice in natural therapies has spanned 10 years. Her journey into motherhood and beyond has gifted her with an understanding that with the right support for families and individuals each journey can embrace enjoyment, light heartiness and wellness.  Jemima specialises in Fertility, women’s health and intuitive healing.

Jemima offers private consultations in clinic and via Skype in following modalities with on the spot private health fund rebates through Hicaps.  Jemima can book you in for an appointment on various times from Monday to Saturday.  Jemima also runs Affordable acupuncture, cupping and herbal medicine sessions ($40 per session).  Please note the Affordable sessions are not applicable for a health fund rebate.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Cupping, Trigger point Therapy.

$150 1.5hr    $100 1hr     $90 45min     $80   30mins     Initial Consultation: $150

  • Induction Acupuncture

$75 per session – most effective in a series of 3-4 sessions.  Best to begin from week 37, however results are still positive when beginning later in pregnancy.

  • Intuitive Energetic Healing

Intuitive energetic healing focus’ on clearing blockage in the body and mind, linking you energetically to your guides, providing guidance for you life journey covering aspects of health, wellness, career, personal relationships and solutions to re-ignite your energy and spirit.  Session may include spirit guidance, reiki, energy clearing, energy pulling, energy revitalising, tarot, mantra’s, diet changes and meditation homework.  Each session is unique to you and your challenges.

$100-$180 depending on time spent.

Acupuncture, Chinese medicine and intuitive energy healing works with our body’s energetics or Qi. The aim is balance. As we aim to achieve balance, realistically any symptom or challenge however niggling or large can be treated with Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Intuitive Healing.  Please call Jemima on 0417 573 316 or the clinic on (03) 9527 5350 to book your session.




Wendy is a lady with so many talents from yoga teacher, to masseur, sound healing practitioner, garden expert and optimist.  Her gentle and grounded voice and nature guides participates though each session, providing positive and well outcomes.

Wendy assists private clients as well as leading group sessions.  Wendy leads our RISE Wellness Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing session which resonate throughout St Kilda East every 2 weeks alternating on a Sunday (5pm) and Wednesday (7.15pm).  Wendy invites private consultation appointments on Wednesday and Thursday’s at the RISE clinic.  Wendy’s consultations are not available for private health fund rebate.  Please call the Clinic (03) 9527 5350 or Wendy’s directly to book in 0415 665 234.

  • Intuitive Therapeutic Massage

1 hr  $80

  • Relaxation Massage

1 hr  $65

  • Reiki

1 hr  $80

  • Individual Sound Healing Session

1 hr  $80

  • Individual Yoga Session

1 hr  $80




         “To get the most out of life, you need to free yourself from old, restricting habits and patterns. A seemingly simple healing can change your whole outlook on life and give you a new found sense of freedom and purpose.”

Luke is an intuitive, passionate and grounded spiritual & energetic healer. Luke’s own personal challenges led him to willingly pursue a path of personal growth, development and balance. Through internal and external observation and reflection, formal and informal training, personal, professional and spiritual  experiences, meditation, yoga, and the sole carer of two beautiful young children, Luke has the wisdom, knowledge, receptiveness, assertion and compassion that is both needed and required for his calling.

Luke practices multidimensional healing, where both the physical and non-physical body can be restored to optimum health and wellness.  Pranic healing is a powerful no-touch energy healing system which uses Prana (life force) with Colour Energy and Soul Energy which is invoked to cleanse, clear and expand the energetic body, allowing one to feel an instant change. This results in a release of negative energy from the body, restoring mind, body and soul to rejuvenation and balance.

 “Together, we realign you with your true-higher-self,

Detaching you from what you have outgrown and no longer serves you,

Allowing you to embark upon your next chapter with renewed balance.”

Luke is available to guide you towards balance on Thursday & Saturday’s.  Please call the Clinic on (03) 9527 5350 or Luke on 0420 759 111 to book a session.

  • Chakra Balance

30 mins   $35

  • Private Meditation Journey

45 mins  $50      1.5hrs  $90

  • Crystal Balance Massage

30 mins   $35    1hr  $65

  • Ignite Your Spirit Therapy (IYS)

Ignite Your Spirit Therapy allows you, the participant, to engage your will, assertiveness and courage. The empowering transformation that takes place allows one to become an assertive being of light to radiate compassion, self-love and acceptance.

1hr   $60

  • Medical Intuitive

3 sessions are recommended to diagnosis and then treat each dis-ease, cleansing and clearing the body to promote wellness and body ease.

3 sessions for $150 (3 sessions)

  • Relationship Healing Practice

1 hr    $70



Paige is Reiki Healing Practitioner who is also studying Holistic Kinesiology, she is passionate about teaching people to recognise and manage stress is their lives.

During a healing session Paige works intuitively with the mind, the body and the spirit to balance the Chakras, the Meridian channels as well as physical and emotional stress stored within the body.

Paige is available in clinic from 5:30PM Wednesday and Thursday and all day Friday to Sunday. She also offers distance healing.

0402 628 013

Visit Paige on Facebook –                                                                         Or Instagram – @ahalcyonmind

  • Reiki Healing Session (1hr) $55
  • Distance Healing $25


                                                       WOrkshop 24

Emma Park (BHSc), Holistic Nutritionist & Wellness Expert shares her passion and life journey, exploring these topics and ways to incorporate these principles into our modern lives.

My interest in health and fitness began all the way back in high school when I discovered nutrition and the potential to use food as medicine. I was lucky enough to grow up on the Mornington Peninsula, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and fresh produce and as such, have always found it easy to eat well and exercise. I have always wanted to share my knowledge and help people gain optimal health and wellness in an achievable way.

Emma offers private sessions, skype session and runs our Food As Medicine Workshops once per month.  To find out further information about Emma visit


Nutritionist – Emma Park

Embracing the concept of FOOD as MEDICINE. Going back to way we used to eat. Wholesome, locally produced, home grown, seasonal, homemade & food.   In house and Skype appointments are available.  Please call for bookings and session cost information.



IMG_3438_new_cropMaxine studied under John Eaton to attain a qualification in Reverse Therapy, a therapy that aims to provide wellness and treatment for people suffering from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression.  Maxine is a mother, spiritual being,  she is generous, open and exudes a wealth of knowledge on life.

Reverse Therapy Healing – Maxine Leech

Initial sessions $130 with follow up in house or via phone $100

  • Chronic fatigue & Fibromyalgia
  • Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia
  • Life Balance
  • Anger management

Maxine is currently on leave.




Our Affiliates, people that we go to get adjusted with, advice from, people who are on the same page when it comes to health and wellness:

Joshua Brohier : South Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic

             Location:                                                                                 More info:

4 Fuller St, Caulfield South, 3162                                       0417 573 316    9527 5350



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