Medicinal Organics



We couldn’t help ourselves, so we just went for it, infusing Jemima’s Chinese Herbal Medicine knowledge with Chef Alex Abrahams delectable dishes to create Organic Medicinal Meals which incorporates nutrition, Chinese herbal medicine and a chef’s touch for delectable Fresh and dried Organic ingredients as well as frozen Meals, Medicinal Broths, Fermented Food and Drinks, Gluten Free crumbs and Spice Rubs infused with Nutritional knowhow, Chinese Medicine philosophy and a Chef’s magic touch.  Each healthy mouth-watering product is garnished and packaged with LOVE.


‘Our pursuit keeps us up late into the night, gives us a spring to our step, inspiration to our conversation and warmth in our bellies.’

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Light & Warmth

Jemima Rose & Alex Abrahams



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