Grounding & Growth Sessions

A Wellness Class at RISE is a chance for the SELF, to take a deep breath, a break, a chance to catch up with your SELF, nurture your SELF and a tune your inward balance.

 All of our classes, workshops and special once off sessions are aimed at enriching you with knowledge to further assist you in your delicate internal balance, provide you with a sense of inward peace and remind you to take the time to invest and pause for your own longevity and fullness for life.



A ten course journey into eating mindfully.  A Marriage of Chinese Medicine Philosophy with modern locally sourced vegetarian dishes designed by Chef Alex Abrahams, Garnished with mindful meditations, designed to promote positive health outcomes and a balance between your body and what you prepare for your festival of enjoyable eating.


How will it Benefit me?

By Forming a deeper healthier connection with food, eating on a conscious level, centring your awareness to your body, digestion and uncovering the energetic’s of how you digest and enhancing your digestive process by using properties of sound, smell, colour, texture, flavour and visualisation.  This stand alone and stand out night provides a new experience to open, remind and connect our mind and body to the rhythm, energy and ceremony of eating for a healthy and more balanced you.



Our menu will be Gluten Free, Vegetarian and can cater towards Paleo, Nut and Dairy allergies. Our menu will be locally sourced, organically centred and most definitely delicious.

This Event is celebrated with a Fermented Drinks and Chinese Tonic Health Bar, 10 Course Meal, extensive knowledgable chef’s.  Health professionals and all out excited foodies, to impart knowledge and knowhow, of balance for the body through a food degustation journey.

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Wellness Journey Investment: $165

This event is fueled by the passion, love and excitement of balance of flavours and enzymes by Jemima and Chef Alex.


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Workshop 28

The Benefits of Fermented Foods.

Fermented Foods naturally assist the beneficial bacteria in our gut, thus enhancing and supporting our digestive, immune, lymphatic and nervous systems.

This Workshop will help you to


Suffers of the many physical symptoms associated with IBS, CFS and Fibromyalgia, Leaky Gut, Headaches, Food Allergies, Inflammation, Emotional Imbalance, Chronic and Acute Ailments, Recurrent Cold and Flu, Aching Joints, Insomnia and Weight Management will greatly Benefit from this workshop.


Next WORKSHOP : April 2018

12.30-3:30pm   $120

South Side location

The Day….

Throughout this day of demonstrations you will learn how to incorporate Fermented Foods into your everyday diet, be Educated on the importance of Fermented foods in the positive maintenance of Health & Wellness.

Fermented Foods demonstrated on the day will include: Coconut Yoghurt, Water and Milk Kefir, Kombucha, Kimchi and Sauerkraut.

And to continue your journey to improve your Health your take home Fermenting starter kit will include Kefir, SCOBY, Pro-biotic Cultures and wonderful recipes.

Take the time in your busy life to learn about and implement the changes that fermenting can add to your health and wellness.

Fermented Food Facts:

  • Improves the biological value of your food
  • Increase the nutritional value to your digestion
  • Have been used in Russian,Native American, Indian and German cultures for many centuries.
  • Promote the proliferation of good bacteria in the body to assist in the reduction of inflammation, infections and food allergies and sensitivities.
  • Balances gut flora, which assists with the management of mood and mental health conditions and improves vitality, immunity and the body to cope with stress.


Wellness Investment: $120

Next WORKSHOP :  April 2018


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Location: South Side.


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