Affordable Wellness

Affordability is an important factor to provide sustainable care options.  At RISE we believe that everyone should have access to alternative natural healthcare at a cost that befits each budget.  To talk about your health options keeping with your budget feel free to drop us a line anytime.

In order for us to keep to our budget our Affordable Wellness Sessions are held at certain times   Currently we offer Affordable Acupuncture on Wednesday’s 2-6pm.  To book Text Jemima on 0417 573 316.

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Affordable Investments:

$40 Herbal Consultation for Raw Herbs

$40 Acupuncture (may include moxibustion and/or Chinese Medicine herbal recommendations)

$40 Cupping

$60 Acupuncture & Cupping

$10 per bag for Raw Herbal Medicine

$15 – $60 Chinese Medicine Herbal Pills

To book send an email to us or just text (0417 573 316) for a time, specify your preferred day, your name and time and we will send you back the closest option.

Session times:

Wednesday 2pm – 6pm 


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