Corporate Wellness and Events

RISE Wellness can travel to your office space with Massage to realise stress, tension, headache, neck ache and advice in breath, posture and supplementation to improve wellness and productivity in your workplace.

As our knowledge and skills in health and wellness range far and wide we also love to come in and conduct health and wellness days for all of the staff with options including classes in yoga, breath, sound healing, mediation, and NLP.  Healing modalities of massage, reflexology, posture and desk assessment and postural stretching.  We find it relaxing for staff to create a zen space where organic tea, chai, raw treats and general chilling out can occur.  And last but no least our incredible team love to open their hearts and share their knowledge in just about any subject in the realm of health, nutrition and wellness in our interactive and inclusive dialogue on wellness talks.  Any discussion leads to positive action and creativity in a workplace, allowing staff to flow together to create a forward movement of energy and thats great for any team no matter how big or small.  All our wellness days end with an office cleanse with sound and sage.


For more information please connect with

Jemima – 0417 573 316