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RISE Wellness and Big Hearted Birth have teamed up to educate & inspire women and men on their journey from Pre-conception to Birth and Beyond.  These FREE talk will be filled with positive, useful and practical tools for your journey ahead.  To tantalise your intellect Cindy from Big Hearted Birth has put fingers to keys to produce her tips for an empowering birthing experience.


Who are these women who  keep on having these amazing, positive , empowered birth experiences ?

You know the women I am talking about …

During pregnancy they are so positively anticipating their birthing day, they trust their bodies, think birth is normal, manage the course of their births, they smile lots, they look relaxed and they almost cannot wait to birth and when they do their experience is so  positive they want to SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS. Gosh, some lucky ones even report orgasms.

So how do these women do it ? How do they birth so stunningly?

Social psychologist, Barbara Frederickson says that positive mindset or strategies that promote positive emotions have the potential to influence our psychological and physical wellbeing and in turn help us flourish. Her work showed that people who are surrounded on a daily basis of a range of  positive tools actually had better connections with others, saw  broader possibilities, had  wider field of vision, more energy when compared to  people who had  neutral or negative  images and information given to them.

Could this knowledge also be applied to birth?

Can daily doses of positivity during pregnancy actually improve our emotions which increases our chances of flourishing in birth?

Ina May Gaskin has been quoted as saying “Even if it has not been your habit throughout your life so far, I recommend [during pregnancy] that  you learn to think positively about your body.”

Ina knows it … thoughts work.  They just need to be the optimum!

Nourish your mind with the following 6 mindset strategies during pregnancy and you will be on your way to the zone for satisfying and remarkable birth.

1.Build positive habits of mind about birth using AFFIRMATIONS

Affirmations are statements that  reinforce a desired way of thinking for birth eg:

  • My body is designed to give birth.
  • I birth calmly and easily.
  • I look forward to my baby’s birthing day.

Affirmations are displayed prominently, read, listened to and spoken daily and eventually, through repetition these new thoughts become ingrained in your being. They keep  new thoughts about pregnancy and birth, in the  forefront of the mind.

2. Imagine (like really imagine)  yourself having an amazing labour and birth!!!

The unconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined.  I will repeat this so it really sinks in.

Your mind cannot work out if you are actually in labour or you are just IMAGINING being in labour.

So spend lots of time visualizing your “best case” birth.

Find a birth you love on the Hypnobirthing Australia You Tube channel and put yourself in the picture. Add your birth partner, your pet dog (?), your birthing space, all the things that you are planning to do…then visualize  yourself breathing  effectively, relaxing your facial muscles, drinking water, moving around, smiling, being in water, changing positions, being supported and  YOU basically rocking your birth !!!

Read positive birth stories  and listen to the stories from women who have had empowered births.  It honestly makes a difference.

3. Use self hypnosis tracks during  pregnancy for labour and birth

Self hypnosis is a completely natural state in which we go into many times a day – when you fall asleep, wake up, read a book, cry at a movie, lose track of time and distance when driving, and even when you get those “stare bears”.  It’s a super relaxed state of mind.  Basically during pregnancy, you  can condition your  mind to get very good at getting very relaxed, very quickly so that your body can birth your baby calmly and gently.

Self hypnosis can also release any limiting thoughts or feelings that will get in the way of a positive and fulfilling birth experience.

You can download tracks that incorporate self hypnosis techniques or book into classes that teach self hypnosis for birth.  Self hypnosis  tracks  incorporate guided relaxation, positive affirmation and  messages straight to your unconscious mind so they are really helpful in maintaining your optimum mind set for birth.

4. Choose your words wisely

Sticks and stones may break your bones and in birth your words may hurt you. What!?

Close your eyes and think of the word pain?  What does it feel like?  What does your body do when in pain? What has been your experience of pain thus far?  I don’t know about you but my body tends to tense up. I want to brace myself against the feeling and strong  pain will often penetrate my mind in an all encompassing way.

Tensing up and consuming negativity isn’t helpful in labour or birth. It can pop you in a spiral down to depths you may not want to go.

Pain is indeed having your hand chopped off but you are birthing a baby- it’s different- it’s functional intensity.

So think carefully about how you phrase the sensations your body will feel during your labour.

Will you call them Tightenings? Drawing up? Pressure? Intensity? Discomfort?

If you choose to think  pain that is what you will get …trust me !!!

5. Get a good nights sleep

Big Hearted Birth woman

Sleep and mood are interlinked – good sleep affects a more positive mindset and interestingly mood also affects the amount and quality of sleep too.   It is during sleep when we rest,  learning transfers to long term memory, our bodies restore and repairs.

A good night sleep raises spirits, energy levels and the world always looks a little brighter and the benefits cannot be more important than during pregnancy.

6. Book into a hypnobirthing course.

Hypnobirthing is a “game changer” when it comes to altering mindset for positive birth.

In  hypnobirthing, positive mindset for birth is created with effective and proven techniques taught to maintain that mindset for a satisfying and empowered birth experience.

You will learn how to apply visualization, affirmation, self hypnosis and guided relaxation skills.  It’s clearly a comprehensive package designed to help you feel confident in your ability to birth.

So if I can conclude please let me, let you  in on a little wisdom about birth.

It’s all in the preparation and  you have probably worked out  by now that I’m not talking preparation of our bodies…

It is preparation of the mind.

When women prepare the mind in pregnancy, in the absence of a special circumstance, the body  follows suit.

That’s it –

“She believed she could. So she did …”(unknown)


Cindy Fenn is the face behind Big Hearted Birth which teaches woman how to achieve a positive and calm birth experience through hypnobirthing skills and techniques.

Big Hearted Birth teaches Hypnobirthing Australia courses in Caulfield, Melbourne, Australia

Hypnobirthing Australia is Australia’s fastest growing hypnobirthing program .

Look for that original Blue Seal.

For more information and bookings go

‘The Art of Balance’ FREE Talk will be held….

May 22nd at MAMA – 722 Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield South.  10:30-12:30


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A Journey of Self Development

I’m always allowing and seeking growth.  Just because I have woke up to my spirituality and have taken responsibility of my life and direction doesn’t mean that I have stopped pursing the avenue of self and spiritual development, as there is always another exciting and soul nurturing journey to undertake.

Just the other week my friend Luke let me know that One Tribe had packed up their kit bags, left the WA wilderness and were hopping a plane to Melbourne to hold a couple of sound healing sessions and a workshop.  I was iffy on the workshop but keen for the sound healing, as I have sound healing sessions on at my clinic I thought why not combine a healing session with a little reconnaissance.

Upon entering the Fitzroy George St, yoga space I was impressed by the 50 or so yoga mats neatly lined up (our space only holds 11), then excited by inevitable expansion, contraction and melding of energy that would be filling the space, serenaded by the spiritual sound journey we had all committed to.


Once we had settled, the soulful vibration of the bass drum woke up and activated my feet sending impulses up towards my base chakra, immediately igniting and awakening, opening and clearing.  Once the didgeridoo’s started I lost track completely, my whole body was uplifted with vibration and surrounded by sound allowing my mind to be silenced and at peace.

That was Friday night, the next morning I woke up early and re-arranged my entire day to attend the workshop that very afternoon.  The one tribe workshop ticked all my high spiritual expectation circles (I don’t like to say boxes).  When I met another practicing spiritual individual I like to spend some time looking, listening and absorbing the light and natural attuned to their guides, absorbing spiritual connections in order to further my understanding, really a great way to oil my spiritual wheels.

Mark, who lead the workshop was surrounded by a couple of guides throughout.  First was an aboriginal elder and his grandson, I could see the elder almost become one with Mark as he opened the circle by calling to the directions, north, south, east & west.  His link to the elder was a magical moment for me.  Also to be acknowledged by the elder, he gave me a slight wave of his hand as he left, his contribution to opening the circle complete, this was a true honour.  Mark had other guides that stepped up to assist him through the workshop all were native tribal elders, but the aboriginal elder held the most reverence and relevance for me on that day.


Katherine sat opposite me in the circle and upon sitting down I could see she was surrounded by etherial angles, with sweet, clear soulful voices.  I was able to sit with this for a while, then Mark introduce Katherine and mentioned that she was very linked to the Angels, great confirmation (we all love a little confirmation sometimes).  Katherine contributes a soul healing melody that cascades out of her, adding an even fuller sound to the tribal beats that her group emits.

Gareth was called upon to individually cleanse everyones Chakra’s with his didgeridoo.  His didgeridoo, I noticed had a different shape to ones I have previously seen, it was slightly shorter and wider at the end, like a trumpet.   I have never previously in my life felt such a forceful shift of energy through the use of sound.  It really was incredible and addictive, if only I could call up Gareth every morning to have a didg sound cleanse, I think my morning yoga practice would improve, as well as clarity of my mind throughout the day.  It was not only clearing and cleansing but also the high notes when he travelled up to my crown chakra clarified my spiritual connections and lower notes from the base chakra down to my feet firmly grounded my being on the earth providing a crystal transparency of energetic movement between all Chakra’s.


I found Gareth the most intriguing of the trio, he was bold in stance, energetically one of the most grounded people I have met.  His spiritual connection was so intertwined with the elementals it was almost hard to distinguish the difference between the man and the spirits.  Usually I would think this to be a dichotomy, elemental spirits are flighty and shy where as grounded people are solid and even, though with him it seemed natural and necessary.    His character mimic the nature of elemental spirits, he was curious, seemed very shy preferring to rest outside of the lime light but his grounded nature and wise acceptance of self allowed him to fill  and be settle in space.

The insights offered by the One Tribe trio suited the group who spanned all levels of learning.  The great treasure of spiritual and self development is that it is aimed at the self, so no matter if you are at the beginning or have a worn established pathway all learning is knowledge, growth, inspiration and an insight for the self.  All in all a great weekend with a cleansed, clear forward motion for me.

Thanks again to the One Tribe Trio Mark, Katherine and Gareth, hope to see you soon.

Jemima Rose

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The Weather is Turning

I sat down at my computer today and considered turning on the house heater.  Then I had a light bulb moment, why not have some soup with Organic Chicken Bone Broth that I  cooked over the long weekend.  Instant heat up.  Body warmth, tummy warmth and health warmth.


Chicken bone broth can really just be used like a stock, but it has less salt and more health benefits.  To make a great Chicken Bone Broth you will need these ingredients and time….

  • x3 organic chicken carcass’  – you can buy these from your local chicken shop, which you will then then need to roast/seal in the oven or you can save your carcass’ from roast chickens and store them in the freezer until you have enough.
  • Off cuts of vegetables all thrown in making sure you have onion and garlic in there too or celeriac/celery, carrots, a bulb/head garlic, onions x 2, sweet potato
  • Vinegar – any type to leech the calcium out of the bones in an ultra bio-availiable form for you to absorb.
  • Paprika, salt, turmeric, pepper
  • A glob of Dark Soy
  • I also add Huang Sou Wu (a Chinese blood tonic herb that is great for the hair) & Seaweed (to strengthen and nourish the Kidney’s in the colder months)

Throw everything into a super big pot and fill with filtered water, bring to the boil and then  on a low simmer (lid on) for 24hrs (don’t forget to top up your pot with water every 8 hrs or so).  Use 1 – 1.5 cups for a small soup and 2-3 cups for a large soup.  You can also cook your rice in bone broth, especially brown rice is yummy and nourishing. If you are too BUSY you can just come by and pick some up from me for $12, my freezer is bursting!

Happy nourishing.

Light & Warmth

Jemima Rose